LP - Another Day In The Multiverse

by Pluriverso



LP - Another Day In the Multiverse

Official Release date : 15/02/2019
Ref : LPDCR01
Label : Dream Crew Records
Produced by : Pluriverso
Country : Portugal
ArtWork : Légolize
Master : DigitalX

Tracklists :
1 - Pluriverso & Depuratus - The Mystic Zither [151]
2 - Pluriverso - Stupid Wizzards[146]
3 - Pluriverso - Ghost In A Jar [146]
4 - Pluriverso & Azzmatazz - Mushroom Stab [158]
5 - Pluriverso - 8th Dymensional Crystal [150]
6 - Pluriverso - 8 Bit Weird [145]
7 - Pluriverso & Isiteshi - Real Monsters Aren't Real [150]
8 - Pluriverso - Just A Dream [155]
9 - Pluriverso & Mindovermatter - Twisted Perspective [155]
10 - Pluriverso - Some Kind Of Magic [156]
11 - Sanathana - Language Of The Universe (Pluriverso Remix) [158]

Story :
Another Day in the Multiverse is a way of sharing the diversity of experimental psychedelic music.
Following infinite possibilities, from infinite timelines, Pluriverso chose these 11 tracks to provide an experience of living a day, without rules or laws, with no boundaries, to experience as much as possible.
Trough many different emotions and ambiences, Pluriverso tries to show you that no matter where you are, you should always be true to yourself, be able to recognize yourself, and trough this, evolve.
Special thanks to Depuratus, Azzmatazz, Isiteshi, Mindovermatter, Sanathana, and Dream Crew Records for making this possible!

Biography Pluriverso :
Pluriverso is the connection between A.T.O.A.M. (Tiago Vieira) and Suirê (Marilia Nascimento).
Pluriverso is an experimental Darkpsy project started in 2016, with the aim of sharing pure psychedelic music.
Influenced by all types of music, this project is focused on psychedelia, using all tools by all means to provide a psychedelic experience to the listener!
Tiago And Marilia will release their first album "Another Day On The Multiverse" On Dream Crew Records soon !

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released February 15, 2019

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